Apor Vilmos Catholic College

Student Life

Apor Vilmos Catholic College maintains two dormitories for the students of the college and for guests who come to visit Vác.

For events organised by the Students’ Union see Facebook.

Events during the academic year
Freshman Camp: Each year, at the end of August the Students’ Union organises a four-day camp where freshmen can meet their fellow students and can have fun. The Students’ Union always makes colorful programs for the new students.
Freshman Ball:
This event is offered to the new students of the college. The ball has a program plan, which includes an opening dance, a raffle, a talent show and concerts.
University Day:
This event is usually held in April. It includes a lot of different and exciting programs, such as escape room, quiz about our college and our teachers, theatre play, slam poetry, concerts, test driving, football and volleyball.
International Week:
The college organises international weeks focusing on a certain topic. The Hungarian students also take part in these programs.
Graduation Ceremony:
At the end of each semester the graduating students receive their diplomas in a solemn ceremony.
Programs during the semester:
Film club, as long as the weather permits: grill party, pancake afternoon, Karaoke party, Christmas party, Soccer Cup.