Comenius Association Autumn Meeting

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21/10/2019 – 25/10/2019


This academic year the autumn meeting of the Comenius Association (CA) was organized by the University College of Teacher Education Styria in Graz. AVCC was represented by Agnes Streitmann, vice rector for intercultural affairs, and Bill McBrayer, lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages. Participants from 25 partner institutions in 16 countries were welcomed to the programme including Comenius sessions, a conference day, school visits, networking dinners and excursions as well as the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Comenius Association. Discussions during the Comenius sessions focused on Erasmus+modules, bilateral contacts, strategic partnerships, international weeks (students/staff) for the academic year 2019-2020.

The Comenius Association Conference – Education in the 21st Century

(Thursday 25/10)

At each autumn meeting of CA the host institution organizes a conference centering around a topical issue. This time the conference addressed the topic Education in the 21st Century including the “Four Cs”: creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Solving problems, alternative patterns of thinking, working together to achieve a goal, and being able to convey ideas and concepts are believed to be essential skills for modern learners as they will strengthen their ability to find their place professionally, personally and socially.

The conference was opened by Susanne Linhofer, Head of the Institute of Diversity Studies and International Relations, Geneviéve Laloy, President of the Comenius Association and Elgrid Messner, rector of the University College of Teacher Education Styria. Then followed two impressive keynotes given by Prof. Mag. Eva Werner, Rector IMC FH Krems, Austria (“Educate local – think and act global – Internationalization of the curriculum and competence development”) and Anna Rurka, President of the Conference of the INGOs of the Council of Europe (“What education do we need to answer democratic challenges of XXI centuries? The Council of Europe standards”).  The 15 workshops offered by international lecturers as well as lecturers from the University College of Teacher Education were attended by more than 150 participants.

Presentations, workshops addressed the following topics:

  • Learning how to write (and spell) with Iderblog ii
  • Language Learning in Digital Distance Learning – Presentation of the “Digi.DaZ” Research Project
  • A common inclusive language in schools
  • Vocational teacher education in Sopron: past, present and future
  • Let’s have a future! 4Cs needed in Global Citizenship Education.
  • Make Mistakes: Theater pedagogical approaches in language teaching
  • Life-Skills-Programs in schools
  • “Youth has no age” – Challenges and Opportunities of Bridging Generation through Education
  • Language education in the 21st century.
  • Democracy in Education
  • “Internationalisation” – a 21st-Century Buzzword in Education

The abstracts can be found here

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